United Launch Alliance


Harlingen, TX USA

Project Type:

Precision Industrial Cleaning

Project Overview

United Launch Alliance builds and launches rockets that carry cargo beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. The cargo is protected and accessed by Payload Fairings. Precision Iceblast Corporation has been providing its cleaning services on the Payload Fairings since 2015. Precision Iceblast cleans the inside surfaces of these payload fairings. The cleaning process removes metallic particles from the surface. The cleaning is verified with microscopic tools to ensure all debris is completely removed. Precision Iceblast and United Launch Alliance combined resources and worked together for hours on testing the cleanliness of the panels. Once the process was fine-tuned and provided the desired outcome, the cleaning program began. Precision Iceblast Corporation has now cleaned the Payload Fairings on over twenty rockets. The cleaning takes three 12-hour shifts per rocket. Resources include two blasting units, one compressor, and three crew members.