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It is the mission of Precision Iceblast Corporation (PIC) to provide an accident-free and comfortable work environment. Our health and safety program, and specific individual programs, have been developed to assure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations with particular emphasis on the Occupational Health and Safety Rules and Regulations that apply to our operations. In addition, above and beyond regulations, PIC recognizes that to truly provide a safe work environment, we must have a very strong safety culture. PIC conducts mandatory week-long safety training for all crew members two times each year. Safety procedures are reviewed and updated prior to each semi-annual training week and any changes are trained on during those weeks.

We have a very thorough risk analysis process to ensure safety risks are identified and mitigated at each job site. Health and safety are of vital interest to everyone in the company. Each level of our organization is accountable for safe performance. Compliance with our safety program is taken very seriously. In the three decades we have been in business we have had very few accidents and no major accidents. Our safety training and safety preparedness are continually improving and have provided us with a very solid safety record.

Safety and Sustainability by Precision Iceblast Corporation

PIC mobilizes globally and firstly researches all laws and regulations in each country it mobilizes to. We work directly with our clients and our authorized representatives in various countries to ensure the PIC staff are safe and all national and local policies are understood and followed. PIC reserves the right to delay or reschedule any scheduled work, or work in process, due to circumstances beyond its control.

Examples of such being local political unrest, acts of nature including but not limited to: earthquake, ice storm, flooding, and as of March 2020 forward, Covid-19 policies of different countries. Any delays in mobilization, work permits, or scheduling negatively affected by changes / canceling of a countries offices, borders or policies will not be the responsibility of PIC, its staff, its agents or its clients and therefore rescheduling will result.

At Precision Iceblast Corporation, sustainability is part of our culture. We strive to ensure we develop green methods while not compromising efficiency in our cleaning and coating processes. Environmental responsibility is at the core of our operations. Every project we undertake, we ensure to generate as little waste as possible and to responsibly dispose of it in the safest methods available. Since we specialize in dry ice blasting, we create no secondary waste in our cleaning and surface preparation operations. The only waste is the debris we remove from the surfaces we clean or prepare. The dry-ice sublimates to a gas and returns to its natural state in the atmosphere where it originally came from. We do not create any carbon dioxide in any of our processes. We only use carbon dioxide that previously existed.

Safety and Sustainability by Precision Iceblast Corporation

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