Historic Building Restoration


When it comes to restoring and beautifying buildings, monuments, statues, or any kind of stone surfaces, ice blasting is the safest and most effective method to restore these surfaces. Our proprietary ultra-high pressure system allows for us to remove very difficult deposits, but also dial down our pressure to clean the most delicate surfaces. Brick, limestone, sandstone, marble, granite, concrete, brass, and copper are all safe surfaces to clean with dry ice. In addition, many old structures are covered with mold and mildew. Dry ice blasting kills all microorganisms on the surface thereby removing this contamination as well (see bacteria study).

Universities, churches, historical buildings, monuments, etc. are great applications for our process. Over time, surfaces just simply get dirty from contaminants in the air. Many surfaces that are close to roadways will get dirty from exhaust fumes. Companies struggle to remove this debris and restore these surfaces to their nature condition. Dry ice blasting has been proven to be the right solution.


The kinetic impact energy, arising from the mass of dry ice particles and their velocity, is converted into intensive cleaning energy.


The sudden selective cooling generates considerable stress in the intermediate zone due to different coefficients of expansion. There is a connection between the layer of success and the surface.


Organic materials harden and become brittle under the influence of cold. This reduces its elasticity and stickiness and simplifies removal.


The transfer of heat from the relatively hot surface to be cleaned by the very cold particle makes the solid CO2 sublime into a gaseous state immediately. The gas expands up to 800 times the volume of particles in a few milliseconds, producing “micro explosions.”

Historic Building Restoration by Precision Iceblast performing Cleaning Services and maintenance like dry ice blasting for buildings
Kinetic Impact Effect
Thermal and Fragility Effect
Sublimation Effect
Clean and damage-free surface


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Less waste disposal
  • No remaining blast media left behind 
  • No secondary waste generated
  • No moisture left behind
  • Provides cleanest surface for coating
  • Non-abrasive & Non-conductive
  • Non-toxic
  • Does not damage surfaces
  • Minimal or no containment required

Cryobrasive™ Blasting

At times dry ice blasting can have its limitations. This is generally seen when the staining goes beyond the surface and penetrates deeper into the substrate. When this happens we can simply add small amounts of crushed glass to the dry ice to create a cryobrasive™ media. The cryobrasive™ provides a more aggressive deeper clean on the surface and provides a beautiful, finished product.

This is very beneficial as a minimal amount of crushed glass needs to be added to the dry ice, so you are left with almost no dust, very little clean up, and hardly any debris disposal. The process is still very safe on the surface and gives us the ability to clean almost any surface without limitations.