Dry ice blasting provides an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to the conventional abrasive blasting. It reduces waste by 80-90% and reduces costs by about 25%. Dry Ice blasting is a simple, non-abrasive cleaning process that uses CO2 pellets as impact medium for removing surface contaminants without the use of chemicals, abrasive materials, high temperatures, or steam. The solid pellets sublime directly after impact on the surface, leaving no solid residue after blasting. The technique can be used for cleaning surfaces, removing paint, or stripping contaminants from a surface
PIC not only provides industrial foundry cleaning, surface preparation, and coating application services; it also provides technical assistance in selecting the proper solution to help with your cleaning and maintenance issues.

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Foundry Dry Ice Blasting and Foundry plant Cleaning by Precision Iceblast

Ice blasting does a superior job preparing surfaces for painting. Our system is the most aggressive system in the world. We blast at 350 psi (24 bars) which ensures that all loose paint is removed from the surface and further paint failure will not occur underneath the new coating. Also, the dry ice particle penetrates any pores or crevices on steal surfaces, thereby removing any possible contaminant. Ice blasting removes all microorganisms and oils as well which can contribute to paint failure if they are not removed. Collectively, these characteristics of ice blasting provide the cleanest possible surface for applying a coating. Coatings can be applied immediately after the surface is ice blasted because it is completely clean and dry. If the surface is already wet, ice blasting will dry out the wet surface. Our technology creates the best surface for the paint to bond, therefore, providing the greatest longevity for the paint’s lifespan.

Our system is completely self-contained and we don’t use any of your utilities and won’t bother your company for any support once we get started. Our company is the ONLY ice blasting contracting company that manufactures their own equipment. We are very specialized and understand what it takes to get the best results when preparing a surface for recoating and our results can only be achieved with our specialized equipment. The high pressure we generate creates the deepest clean possible allowing for the cleanest possible surface for recoating.

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Less waste disposal
  • No remaining blast media left behind 
  • No secondary waste generated
  • No moisture left behind
  • Provides cleanest surface for coating
  • Can be fine-tuned for every application
  • Non-abrasive & Non-conductive
  • Non-toxic
  • Does not damage surfaces
  • Removes grit contamination from moving parts
  • Minimizes downtime and costs
  • Shutdown not required for most applications
  • Does not create downstream contamination

Foundries by nature are a very dirty environment. Through years of operation, equipment will get dirty and break down. Performing maintenance on dirty equipment can be challenging. Keeping your equipment clean provides longer life expectancy, helps it run better, and allows for easy and accessible maintenance to the equipment. Ice blasting equipment is by far the best method for cleaning equipment in foundries.

Ice blasting is non-abrasive so plastic, glass, rubber, steel, and concrete can all be cleaned without causing any damage to these surfaces. No surface stresses are created and no change in cavity size or round corners through wear from abrasive blasting methods. Ice blasting is a dry process so electrical or areas around bearings can be cleaned safely. In addition, no disassembly, re-assembly, masking, or containing of equipment is necessary for cleaning. This equipment can be cleaned in place on the production floor saving substantial downtown and freeing up other resources for different projects.

Ice blasting can greatly help reduce the silica levels in the air. The natural circulation of silica around the plant adds to higher levels in the air. Deep cleaning your plant will remove silica from the ceiling, rafters, walls, and equipment. This deep clean moves the silica from the top of the facility to the bottom and then removed out of the facility. The end result will be lower ppm level of silica which may help you avoid monitoring systems in the future.

Are you thinking about switching over to ceramic sand? Once that process starts it is important to remove the old silica from the facility. Deep cleaning with dry ice can provide you a clean, silica free facility. Due to the characteristics of dry ice, most of the deep cleaning can occur when the foundry is in operation. That is a huge advantage as costly downtime is not needed to perform this work. In addition, work can be performed during slow times, such as summer, at reduced costs to help save the plant additional money.