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Through Our Proprietary and Patented Equipment and CO2 Cleaning Processes

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Why Choose PIC?

Precision Iceblast Corporation founded in 1993 is an independent contracting operation providing industrial cleaning, surface preparation and industrial painting services in numerous industries around the world. Our innovative culture has produced the most effective tools and processes in the industry.


We work anywhere in the World and have provided our services on five different continents. We have resources staged throughout the world enabling seamless mobilization to any job site.


Three decades experience working in numerous industries and a plethora of applications.


We manufacture our own equipment to ensure the highest quality and most effective cleaning and surface preparation.


We have a large pool of well-trained and experienced crew members and the largest fleet of dry-ice blasting machines in the industry to tackle any size project in any location.


Our cleaning methodologies are non-abrasive and completely dry ensuring we do not damage or contaminate surfaces being cleaned or surrounding plant assets.


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