Company Info


Precision Iceblast mission is to provide the highest quality work for our customers. We strive for the professional and timely completion of all of our projects. Our impeccable history of accidents and our vast experience in the sector allow us to always offer our clients superior work.

Our revolutionary technology is the safest, most efficient and environmentally friendly method for cleaning HRSG boiler tubes and virtually any surface, including electrical generators, engines, mechanical equipment, bridges, ships, tanks, buildings, walls and ceilings.

We promise to offer excellent service and results to our customers.


Precision Iceblast Corporation works anywhere in the World and has provided our services on five different continents. We have resources staged throughout the world enabling seamless mobilization to any job site.


Our company has three decades of experience working in numerous industries and a plethora of applications. Our experience ensures the most accurate estimates and most effective processes to tackle our customer-specific applications. Our reputation is unsurpassed as the highest quality dry-ice blasting contractor in the world.


We manufacture our own equipment to ensure the highest quality and most effective cleaning and surface preparation. Our dry-ice blasting equipment is the most aggressive enabling us to blast with very high pressure with very high volumes of air. Our Research and Development initiatives have produced state of the art tools and processes enabling effective and efficient results.


PIC has a large pool of well-trained and experienced crew members and the largest fleet of dry-ice blasting machines in the industry to tackle any size project in any location. We are completely self-contained and do not burden customers on job sites.


Our cleaning methodologies are non-abrasive and completely dry ensuring we do not damage or contaminate surfaces being cleaned or surrounding plant assets. Our processes are environmentally friendly not producing any secondary waste from our cleaning activities. PIC cares tremendously about the safety of its crew members and those we work around. Safety training and safe work practices are an integral part of our company culture.

Why Choose PIC


Precision Iceblast Corporation, founded in 1993, is an independent company that has been providing ice blasting services to customers in various industries for three decades.


Our employees undergo extensive training. We have a team trained to work according to the highest safety standards involved in our activities. Respect for safety and ZERO accident.


We take the complete solution to the customer without disturbing them with needs to comply with the project. We have a worldwide experience without borders gained through years of work.


Ice blasting has become the most chosen and known method as the "cleanest" and "environmentally friendly" way to clean and prepare any surface. A non-destructive option and does not produce secondary waste.


Precision Iceblast is proud to be the world leader in dry ice blast cleaning! We are the most chosen company in the market due to our credentials and exclusive methods used.


We are dedicated to offering you the highest quality, the most ecological cleaning, using only the best technology. We offer excellent service to our customers and excellent results!