The Tridge


Midland, MI USA

Project Type:

Surface Preparation, Staining, and Painting

Additional Information:

Project Overview

The Tridge is a three-way stained wooden foot bridge in Chippewassee Park in Midland Michigan. The bridge spans the confluence of the Chippewa and Tittabawassee rivers. The Tridge has one center pillar with three 180 foot by 8 foot arched branches. The Tridge is 24’ above the rivers under normal river conditions. The rivers under the Tridge are about 12’ deep. The Tridge was built in 1981 and in 2017 underwent renovations which included removing all the stain and then re-staining along with some board replacements. Precision Iceblast Corporation did all the stain removal and re-staining as well as preparing and recoating all the hardware. This was a four month project and included the following resources: Barge, crane, two blasting units, scaffolding including scaffolding constructed on the barge, high pressure air compressor, containment to prevent any debris from falling into the water, fifteen crew members.