Bristol, England

Project Type:

Industrial Cleaning

Project Overview

Precision Iceblast Corporation cleaned the finned tube bundles in one Stork Heat Recovery Steam Generator located in Bristol, England. Precision Iceblast removed dirt, iron oxides, insulation, and mineral deposits from the outer surface of the spiral finned heat transfer modules from six bundles in the HRSG. Each bundle consists of two faces (upstream and downstream) that are approximately 19 meters tall by 12 meters wide. A total of twelve faces were cleaned. Resources used in the process were four high-pressure blasting guns (PIC 56XD’s), Two high-pressure compressors, and five crew members per crew (one supervisor, one ice supplier, and two blasters). Four crews were utilized co complete the twenty-shift project in just five days. Precision Iceblast Corporation accessed areas via scaffolding. Upon completion of cleaning, debris from the HRSG was removed via barrel vacuums.