PRESERVE YOUR GASLINES with Gasline Coatings

Protective coatings are the first line of defense for the thousands of miles of pipelines in the world. At some point in their life span pipelines coatings need to be repaired or removed and reapplied to ensure durability and continuous corrosion resistance performance. Uncontrolled corrosion will lead to leaks, service interruption, and environmental disasters. This could be a costly process both environmentally and financially. 

Precision Iceblast Corporation specializes in pipeline maintenance and repair coating applications for mainlines and girth welds. Liquid pipeline coatings applied on surfaces prepared using our proprietary ice blasting technology meet performance requirements set by CZA Z245.20, ISO 21809-3 and other major industry players. PIC practices are also endorsed by major suppliers of liquid pipeline coatings.

PIC utilizes ATEX rated equipment for dry ice blasting which allows for work without equipment or line shut down.

Gas Line Coating Maintenance by Precision Iceblast for Surface Preparation and cleaning of pipelines and gas lines