Filter House Restoration

Over the years paint failures and corrosion will inevitably occur in your filter houses. Failure happens even sooner in environments closer to the ocean where salt in abundant in the air. Temperature fluctuations and the wetness on the steel further accelerate paint failures.

Traditional blasting methods such as sand or water blasting create enormous messes along with large quantities of waste that need to be disposed of properly. This also increases the cost of refurbishing the filter houses. Furthermore, introducing media anywhere into the combined cycle system creates significant risks that this media can get to the turbine. Damaging a turbine is extremely costly and plants will take all measures to ensure its safety.

Dry ice blasting your filter houses is the most safe and effective method of refurbishing them. Ultra-high pressure ice blasting will remove all of the loose and failed paint from the surfaces. Any remaining coating is solid and can be recoated over. Heavy corroded areas are hand tooled to remove the thick scale. All removed material is collected and put into small containers. The debris is minimal as all of the dry ice media vaporizes upon contact. Once blasting is completed, coatings are applied by our NACE certified coaters.

Inlet Scrolls need to get recoated from time to time. The surface preparation is a very concerning process as the turbine is directly behind the scroll. Ice blasting is ideal as the media vaporizes and turns into a gas upon impact. Using any kind of grit media is far too risky. Precision Iceblast offers a great turnkey solution to safety ice blast (in preparation for recoating) and then recoat your inlet scroll with our NACE certified painters. With scores of inlet scrolls projects being completed, you can rest assure that this project will be done safely, professionally, and with the upmost quality.