Exterior Plant Coatings

The combined cycle industry is starting to age. With age comes degradation of steel. Plants are now trying to extend the life of their plants which includes putting a protective coating on the outside of their entire system (inlet – turbine house – boiler – stack). These surfaces are exposed to the elements and undergo paint failure and corrosion as they age.

Precision Iceblast Corporation has the solution! Ice blasting is a great method for surface preparation and best of all it can be performed while the plant is in operation. Therefore, no lengthy shutdown is needed to complete the work. Access to areas can be gained from boom lifts and scaffolding. As ice blasting is a dry process and does not leave behind blast residue, coatings can be applied immediately after blasting. Minimal waste is generated from the blasting and the finished result is a new looking plant that can now continue to operate for decades longer.