CO2 Dry Ice Blasting

CO2 Cleaning Services

Dry ice blasting is simply the safest method of cleaning environmental locations, including cleaning equipment or preparing a surface for coating.

First, our dry ice blast cleaning process is completely non-abrasive. This feature allows materials such as steel, concrete, plastic, glass or rubber to be cleaned without causing damage to the surface.

By simply adjusting the air pressure, CO2 cleaning is ideal for surface preparation. This allows us the option of cleaning a painted surface or removing paint completely from the surface. Second, dry ice blasting is a dry process.


CO2 blasting is the most environmentally safe method for cleaning industrial equipment or preparing a surfaces for coating. When dry ice pellets reach a surface, they vaporize, turn into gas and return to its natural state. Therefore, no secondary waste is generated by using dry ice. The only residue generated is that of the surface being cleaned.

Dry ice blasting eliminates the use of hazardous chemicals making it an environmentally safe option. The savings in disposal costs and downtime can be very significant.


“Does not produce net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere”

We use carbon dioxide that already exists in the atmosphere and has been converted to a solid state (Dry Ice – CO2). Then, we use these particles for blasting, which at that moment is converted back to its natural state as gas in the atmosphere. We do not produce any new CO2 from our process. Therefore, our process is ecological and carbon neutral.


Safe for Workers

We can blast close to products and work while the facilities are up and running.

Greater Productivity

Reduced Cleaning Time. Dry ice blasting can be 80% faster.


Does not conduct electricity. Dry ice blasting is a dry cleaning method.


CO2 behaves like an inert substance. There is typically no chemical reaction with other substances.

Bacterial Control

Removes bacteria from surface being blasted.

Environmentally Safe

It's the most environmentally safe way to clean. No secondary waste generated. The only waste is from dirt and grime that has been removed.


CO2 is safer than toxic chemicals. Replaces substances harmful to the environment.

Safe for Equipment

Does not damage the surface being cleaned. Can be used around electrical components without risk of damage.