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Why Choose Precision Iceblast?

Benefits of Precision Iceblast


Precision Iceblast Corporation, founded in 1993, is an independant contracting operation providing ice blasting services to clients in many industries. The Ice Blasting technology used has become known as the "cleanest" and most "environmentally friendly" way to clean and prep any surface!


28 Years of Innovation

We've been in the iceblasting business for over 2 decades, giving us the expertise and knowledge to complete any and all jobs and exceed your expectations, every time.


New Technology Developments

We are always innovating new technologies and methods of cleaning, constantly expanding our knowledge to new surfaces and new methods.


The Complete Solution

No business or budget is exactly the same. We will walk you through every step of the process, taking care of everything needed for every application, every time. 



We are Hub-Zone Certified and SBA Certified, and we follow a strict quality code for all projects. Precision Iceblast Corporation promises to provide you with only the best in dry ice blasting services.


Any Surface, Any Time

Precision Iceblast is expanding our iceblasting expertise every day, finding new and innovative methods for dry ice blasting. 


Globally Known

While we are locally based in Peshtigo, Wisconsin, we have an extensive list of global clients and are ready to travel anywhere our customers are!


Superior Customer Service

Look no further for superior customer service than Precision Iceblast. We have an excellent reputation for outstanding customer service, and we aren't about to change that! Contact us today to see just how helpful, precise, and innovative dry ice blasting can be with Precision Iceblast! 


Why Are Other Forms of Removal Subpar?

Other forms of blasting removal are subpar to dry ice blasting for many reasons. Consequences such as Increased facility downtime, environmental harm, and corrosion caused by steam or grit blasting can greatly affect your bottom line.


Grit or Abrasive Blasting

Grit Blasting is subpar to CO2 blasting for several reasons. Harmful to the environment and unsafe on many surfaces, grit blasting causes increased facility downtime and unsafe work environments.


Consequences of Grit or Sand Blasting include:

  • Environmental Harm

  • Increased Disposal Cost of Waste and Media

  • Unsafe on Many Materials and Surfaces (such as plastic, glass, rubber, electrical components, and bearings)

  • Disassembly and Reassembly Costs

  • Increased Facility Downtime

  • Increased Clean Up Time

  • Unsafe Around Certain Production Areas (i.e. food industry)

  • Toxic and Unsafe for Employees

  • Decreases Equipment Life by Causing Stress to Surfaces


Steam/Water Blasting

Steam or water blasting is subpar to Dry Ice Blasting due to the harmful corrosion and damage to equipment, the production of hazardous waste, and increased drying time.


Consequences of Steam/Water Blasting include:

  • Corrosion

  • Decreased Equipment Life

  • High Conductivity

  • Start Up Problems Post Cleaning

  • Cost of Water Containment and Disposal

  • Production of Hazardous Waste

  • Causes Slippery Floor Surfaces

  • Unsafe Working Environments

  • Increased Drying Time

  • Increases Plant Humidity

  • Damages Electrical Components and Bearings

  • Regeneration of Mildew, Mold, and Bacteria Growth



Benefits of CO2 or Dry Ice Blasting

CO2 Cleaning, or dry ice blasting, is considered the most environmentally friendly method of industrial cleaning and removal. It also allows for shorter facility downtime, less corrosion and damage to equiptment, and is ideal for resurfacing and recoating almost any surface.

Iceblasting Provides:

  • Reduced Downtime

  • Reduced Disassembly

  • Prolonged Equipment Life

  • Environmentally Friendly


Dry Ice Blasting is the smartest and safest choice for your cleaning and removal needs!


If you aren’t convinced that CO2 Cleaning is right for your needs, check out our Before and After Gallery to see how powerful dry ice blasting can be, or get a quote below!