HRSG Cleaning

"The World Leader in HRSG Cleaning"



video credit: Fred Foster


Precision Iceblast Corporation is hands down the world’s leader in HRSG cleaning!


We provide an invaluable service to our customers and insure that their HRSG’s are running as efficiently as possible. Our experience, capabilities, and reputation are unsurpassed. We have formed strong alliances with other large names in the power industry such as Nooter/Eriksen, HRST, Donaldson Gas Turbine Systems, and Champion Charter to name a few. Our reputation for cleaning HRSG’s has gotten so strong that the request for our services have spanned all over the world. Our cleaning results always provide decreased back pressure and increase megawatts.

Precision Iceblast Corporation likely cleans more HRSG’s than any other ice blasting company in the world. On a regular basis we hear from our customers that they have tried a variety of ice blasting companies and NOBODY has gotten them the results that we have. Most significantly, we have NEVER lost a customer after we have cleaned their HRSG. We now work with numerous power plants that our competitors use to work for. Our competitors can’t say that they work for any of our past customers because once we get them, we don’t lose them. Below are some of the reasons that separate us from other companies and make our company the best in the world at cleaning HRSG’s:


We manufacture our own equipment

The equipment on the market just isn’t capable of performing to the standards that we require. Having the ability to make our own equipment allows us to always have enough machines to clean as many HRSG’s at one time as necessary; we have never had to turn down a job because we didn’t have enough equipment to perform the work. Making our own equipment also gives us the ability to continue to grow as quickly as we need.


We always get the work done during the limited downtime that our customers have

Regardless of the duration of the shutdown and the number of faces that need blasted, we’ll get the work done. We work around the clock and add as many guns as necessary in order to accomplish the task. This is extremely important to our customers to know that they can count us to meet their time constants.


We blast at very high pressures (350 psi)

The dry ice does a great job cleaning the first couple rows of tubes. Beyond that it is just simply the force of air pushing the debris through the tubes. Lower pressure blasting can actually pack the debris in the middle of the tubes and increase the back pressure. Our high pressure blasting forcefully blows the debris completely through bundles containing over sixteen rows of tubes.


We are Precise

Our technique is very specific and we spend a lot of time blasting on each face. We blast from bottom to top and then from top to bottom. After each cleaning we inspect the face to insure that all of the debris is removed from the tubes. If any debris remains then the tubes are blasted further until all the tubes are completely clean.


We provide a turnkey service for our customers

We try to inconvenience our customers as little as possible so we offer baffle plate removal, tube scaffold or sky climber access, and full clean up of the HRSG. In addition, we also offer SCR and CO catalyst cleaning so our customer can have a one stop shop for all their work.


Our company can blast any HRSG - anywhere in the world

We have the knowledge and the experience to go wherever our customers need us and we aren’t afraid to travel to any foreign country. Our employees are equipped with passports and our equipment is easily packed into containers that can be shipped by plane or ship depending on how quickly it needs to get there.


We are teamed up with HRST to perform their deep cleaning process

HRST also did their due diligence and determined that we were the best and most capable company in the world when it comes to tube cleaning. They contacted us and asked if we would be willing to sign a licensee agreement to represent their patented deep cleaning procedure. We are the only company worldwide that can perform this type of cleaning.


Tube spreading allows us to provide a service to our customers that virtually no other company can

When a customer has a larger bundle or a bundle containing very heavy build up then tube spreading is definitely the most effective method to clean the bundles. Schematics of the HRSG are reviewed and then custom spreader bars are fabricated specifically for that HRSG. These spreader bars are placed in every fourth tube on each face. Spreading the face every four tubes gives us the ability to clean two tubes to the left of the alignment bar and two tubes to the right of the alignment bar. We then move to the next alignment bar cleaning two tubes to the left again and two tubes to the right. This process allows us to open up lanes and have direct access to the face of tubes that are four to five rows deep. Once the tube spreading is completed a HRST representative will inspect the tube bundles and sign off of the cleanliness. Although some customers initially have concerns over spreading their tubes, we have NEVER caused damage to any tube in any HRSG. This is truly a great process for certain applications.


Our employees undergo extensive training

They are certified in confined space and scaffold erection. All employees undergo 10 hour OSHA, Hazwoper, C7 blasting, CPR, First Aid, Fork Lift, and Aerial Lift training. They are experts in working at elevations and containment. Our well trained employees insure that the job is being done correctly and safely. We have been performing ice blasting for almost two decades. Our safety record is impeccable and we have NEVER recorded a lost time accident.


Quality Assurance is the upmost important to everyone in our company

We are a family owned, women owned, small business located in a hubzone (these credentials are important to most government facilities). Because we are a family business, we are committed to very strong oversight on every single job that is performed.



Our company is large enough to handle any amount of work, but yet small enough to make sure that ever job is done correctly.


Precision Iceblast Corporation would be honored to form a partnership with your company

We can assure you that you won’t have a single disappointing experience with us. We are truly the best in the world at cleaning HRSG’s and we will always decrease back pressure and increase megawatts. Please contact some of our references and hear directly from them just how good their experience was with us.