City of Lakeland - Energy Production

The City of Lakeland contracted with Siemens-Westinghouse to use High-Volume, High-Pressure Air to Blast our Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG). Siemens-Westinghouse subcontracted Precision Iceblast Corporation to be their contractor to perform the actual work. Siemens-Westinghouse did provide a contact to oversee their progress and address any issues that might arise during the progress of the work.


Precision Iceblast Corporation arrived onsite and began working to prep our HRSG to begin their task of cleaning the finned-tube-bundles of our Nooter/Eriksen HRSG. Precision Iceblast Corporation employees were extremely competent and conscious about their work for the City of Lakeland and did their best effort to remove all of the rust to improve our unit’s performance. The first time Precision Iceblast Corporation employees cleaned our HRSG, they removed 4,500 pounds of rust.

Before Precision Iceblast Corporation cleaned the HRSG
February 14, 2005 at 0734
Combustion Turbine Megawatts 221.21 MW’s
Combustion Turbine Exhaust Pressure 22.26 INWC

Removal of 4,500 lbs of rust

After Precision Iceblast Corporation cleaned the HRSG
April 13, 2005 at 1648
Combustion Turbine Megawatts 249.20 MW’s
Combustion Turbine Exhaust Pressure 21.03 INWC


City of Lakeland - Energy Production 
3400 East Lake Parker Drive, Gate #8 
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